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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hang On, Paradigm Shifting

Photo from: NYDailyNews.com

The apple ipad is going to change everything about the way we read and the way we read to our kids. Yes, there will be new products down the line, but this is the first one. This is the breakthrough, and soon we will be using it to read favorite stories to children at bedtime. This is what kids are going to have on their laps in the back of the family van on long trips. This is what we've been waiting for.

Within a few years, we will no longer see small children lugging backpacks almost as big as they are to school and back home. Instead of buying new textbooks, schools will download them and keep them current by downloading updates. It is going to change how we teach everything, including reading. Young readers will be able to listen to the words read fluently as their eyes follow the text. Science and math texts will have full-color graphics that move and give students 3-dimensional images. Teachers will be able to upload assignments and students will be able to download presentations they missed when they were absent. We're on the cusp of a whole new world.

And, no, I don't have mine yet. I'm waiting for the 3G model, but it's a must have, and I will have it.

*Paradigm shift: A complete change in thinking, belief systems, or a scientific breakthrough that allows the creation of a new condition or new way of doing something previously thought impossible or unacceptable

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